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About Omashram Old Age Home

Omashram Old Age Home

needs your support

Omashram Trust, is a charitable Trust founded in the year 2001 with the objective of providing care and succor to the old. The founder of the trust is Mr. Mohan Pai and Mrs. Geeta Shankar is the founder trustee. Omashram is registered as a trust with the Sub Registrar’s office in Jayanagar, Bangalore under document no. 276/2001-02 dated 7.9.2001.
The accouts of the trust are audited annually.

Bed-ridden resident
The trust is now into the eighth year of its existence. The past seven years have been years of struggle and considerable odds to keep this fledgling institution afloat.

Omashram provides residential care and comfort to the elderly (above 60 years of age) of all denonminations. It provides full boarding and lodging facility to the elderly mostly from poor and middle class, abandoned by their families. Full time nursing care is provided with trained nurses and there is a doctor-on-call. There are three well-equipped kitchens with full-time cooks.
Kitchen of the Ashram
At present the facility is housed in three separate premises, located nearby in the Vijaya Bank Colony, Belikahalli on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. At present there are 35 residents in the three premises. Unfortunately, this is the maximum capacity of the facility, without cramming.
There is considerable demand for admission, especially from the poorer section, but the trust is helpless because of the limited space and funds. Until recently, the Ashram had about 25 residents who were admitted on a nominal monthly fee or free depending on their economic background. However, as many residents have not been able to afford any payment, the Old age Home has now come under severe financial problem and had to discharge many of its residents

Another bed-ridden resident

The major problem being faced by the institution is about the premises. All the three premises in which the old age home facility is housed are rented premises. And the rented premises always have inherent problems and are not permanent. During the last six years, the Old Age Home has been moved to four different premises because the landlords wanted the premises to be vacated for one reason or the other. The rents have also doubled over the last five years in Bangalore.
In the present situation of housing problem, the Trust is finding it extremely difficult to find alternative accommodation in the same or nearby area. And the rents are continually going up. If the institution has to survive, the only viable alternative, in the long term, will be to acquire its own premises.
Omashram Trust has now formed its “Building Fund” and is in the process of raising donations to acquire its own plot and construct a building.

One of the rented premises

Here's how you can help:

You can contribute to any of the donation schemes listed below:

1. Building Fund
You can contribute one time donation of Rs. 1,00,000/- or contribute Rs. 5,000/- monthly for a period of one year.
2. Dollar Club
NRIs and donors from abroad could join Omashram Dollar Club by contributing regular monthly subscription of $50, $100, $ 300 and $500 towards the building fund. Direct Bank credit could be made into foreign contributions Account.

3. Arogya Scheme
Corpus for medical treatment including surgeries of the residents. Your minimum contribution of Rs. 10,000/- a year will be kept in deposit and the proceeds will be used for the persons needing medical treatment.

4. Nithya Annadhana Scheme
One time donation of Rs. 1,00,000/- will entail a person to sponsor a day of his/her choice every year. Alternatively, you can contribute Rs. 5,000/- every year to sponsor a day of your choice.
5. Regular Giving
Regular monthly gift starting from Rs. 500/- and over per month by direct debit to your account is a valuable way of supporting Omashram.
6. Shelter Gift
Pay the monthly rental towards any one of the two premises which amounts to approx. Rs. 14,000/- per month
This is an earnest appeal to you to come forward and help the institution in this project. Please donate generously. All donations are exempt under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.
You may kindly send your cheque/draft favouring “Omashram Trust, Bangalore”
All donations are exempt under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act.
Omashram Trust has also been registered with the Central Government under the Foreign Contdribution (Regulation) Act, 1976 for the acceptance of foreign contributions.
Omashram Trust

Sb A/c No. 2433101025253 Code No. CNRB0002433

Canara Bank, BTM Layout Branch, Bangalore 560076for Indian contributions.
Omashram Trust

Sb A/c No. 2433101006399 Code No, CNRB0002433

Canara Bank, BTM Layout Branch, Bangalore 560076 for foreign contributions

Geeta Shankar
Managing Trustee.

Mobile: +919845567663

Trainee Nurses

Activities of the Trust
The trust has been conducting regular residential training programmes for geriatric trainee nurses/helpers in batches of five trainees for a 3 week period.
The trust has periodically has been organising symposiums on “Old Age” in Bangalore. The first one-day symposium was held in November 2001 at the institute of World Culture with about 150 participants. The second symposium was held in October 2002 at RPA auditorium, Rajajinagar and was attended by 200 participants.
The Trust has been frequently organising FREE orthhopaedic check-up camps for the elderly at its premises.
Regular Bhajan programmes are being held every Thursday evening for the residents.
The Trust has published a book titled “The Elderly” which was distributed free to senior citizens. The Trust offers FREE first-aid and nursing aid to the residents of the locality where it is located (Bilekahalli and Arakere villages)

In the evening of their lives ...discarded by their near and dear ones.

Help us help them.

Omashram Trust,
#850, 5th A Cross, 11th Main’Vijaya Bank Colony,
Bilekahalli,Bannerghatta Road,Bangalore 560 076Karnataka, INDIA.
Phone: 080-26581682, 080-64530629, Mobile +919845567663
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