Monday, June 8, 2009

Happenings at Omashram 11.

I founded this institution in 2001 and it has been a great struggle all these years to keep it afloat. By God's grace we are now looking after 33 sick, old and helpless souls. This has been possible only through the help of innumerable kind-hearted individual donors from India and abroad, NGO Fundraiser who are in the forefront of fund-raising activities for Omashram, and a few corporates. And I must not forget to mention the self-less devotion and hardwork of Mrs. Geeta Shankar, the Managing Trustee of the organisation which has contributed to the survival of the organisation in great measure. Volunteer groups from iVolunteer have been of great help.

Blessings from the elders at Omashram.
Mohan Pai,
Founder, Omashram Trust

Omashram Welcomes
the New Residents at its 3rd Unit

Geet Shankar, Managing Trustee, welcoming the new residents.

The 3rd New Unit of Omashram Old Age Home at Vijaya Bank Colony, Bilekahally, Bangalore South is now fully ready.

Ms. Nethra, the new cook, busy in the kitchen.

Elders who wish to be admitted need to act fast before the accommodation gets full up.

New residents settled down in their bedroom.

Pantry with fridge & washing machine & Kencha, the guard dog at the Ashram.

For admission, please contact:
Mrs. Geeta Shankar, Managing Trustee, Omashram Trust.
Phone: 91-9845567663

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