Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happenings at Omashram 12.

62nd Independence Day at Omashram

Shrimati Lalitha Kulkarni, a freedom fighter, who has been an Omashram resident for the past two years holds the National flag with Mohan Pai, the founder of Omashram

62nd Independence day was celebrated at Omashram Old Age Home, Bilekahally, Bangalore with joy & gaiety and a lot of enthusiasm by the elderly residents of Omashram. It was a joyous gathering of the elderly residents of Omashram, children from Gandhi School of Gandinagar, Bangalore, volunteers from iVolunteer, Dignity Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, Yuva Bengaluru and other invitees.

1.Ms. Sarla Mukund of Dignity Foundation presenting the drawing set to Ajay on behalf of Make A Wish Foundation. 2. Ajay with his mother & sister
Wish Fulfillment of a child with life threatening illness by Make A Wish Foundation.
About the child: The kid, Ajay Kumar (Age 15) had been diagnosed with Ectodermal Displacia but he was all ready to join us for the Independence Day with the elderly. The kid being so talented in painting and drawing had a cherished wish of having many drawing books and painting kits. This wish of this kid with a life threatening illness was fulfilled at Omashram.

Annapurnnama 90+ and Gitanjali, residents of Omashram with flags.

1. Geeta Shankar, Managing Trustee distributing gifts and participating in a skit.

1. Archana of iVolunteers in a chat with Mohan Pai 2.Archanaconductingamesforthe kids
A group photograph

About 'Make A Wish':
Make -A - Wish Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to granting the most cherished wishes of children between the ages of 3 and 18 years, living with life threatening illnesses, irrespective of their socio-economic status, caste, race or religion. They grant wishes to create hope and happiness for children with life threatening illnesses.Volunteers being their core resource has lead to fulfilment of over 11,000 wishes since their inception in 1996. The wishes could be anything, it could be as simple as "I need a Watermelon " to "I wanna celebrate my Birthday which I haven't till today" to "meeting super stars like Shahrukh Khan" . One may be surprised to know that there are cases where the kids who were on death beds have actually made up their mind strong seeing their fulfilled wish. For the children facing endless round of hospitals, painful treatment and medication a Wish Fulfilment gives back what the sickness takes away… "Hope, Strength and Joy" Many a times Doctors have even stated that in fact it has a therapeutic effect and can increases the life cycle of a child. "A wish fulfilment makes a sick child believe that anything is possible which means even the future".You can visit their wonderful blog at- http://makeawishbangalore.blogspot.com/.

About 'Yuva Bengaluru':
The basic idea was to have an event that can facilitate interaction between kids and the elderly. The children were from the hostel of a school called Deena Seva Sangha ( Popularly known as Gandhi School as Gandhi himself had laid the foundation for this school many decades ago). Yuva Bengaluru is an organization completely run by young energetic people who adopted this Deena Seva Sangha School and brought about commendable changes in the infrastructure, management and quality of education in the school. Deena Seva Sangha has children studying upto 7th Standard after which they are sent to a nearby high school and then to a college. The hostel accommodates kids from Deena Seva Sangha, High School and College. The children who had come to Omashram were from this hostel and were of different classes and age groups.


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