Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happenings at Omashram 6.

The World’s Premier 10k Run for Charity

Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore - May 31, 2009

Suresh Heblikar to run for
the elders at
Omashram Old Age Home.

The well-known actor, film director and environmentalist, Suresh Heblikar has come forward to help his favourite charity - Omashram Old Age Home.

Join Suresh Heblikar and run for a cause, run for the elders at Omashram Old Age Home.
This is an earnest appeal to all of you to come forward and provide meaningful support to your favourite charity - Omashram Old Age Home, Bangalore. Please get your family, friends and colleagues involved by requesting them to support your run.Yes, registrations for Running for a Sunfeast World 10K Run has started and registration forms are available in various out lets + online registration too is possible. Please note that the latest run registration related information will always be at http://sunfeastworld10k.indiatimes.com/articlelist/2861973.cms. Please visit there for more details.Registration charges are Rs 100/ 200/- depending on the category. And if you are running in Marathon for a cause and raising funds for a cause you believe in, it is Rs 300/-. And of course we know that you will be running for Omashram Elders. It’s just registration charge for running which goes to the organisers. Be it any cause, any organisation, please come ahead and register and show your concern for social world. Omashram Trust has been registered as a charity for this run. For updates on organisations registered and participating in run log on to http://www.bangalorecares.in/

Thanks and looking forward for your valuable support to the Elders at Omashram Old Age Home.

Blessings from the Elders at Omashram.
For any help, please contact Mrs. Geeta Shankar, Managing Trustee, Omashram Trust. Phone: 9845567663

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