Friday, May 22, 2009

Happenings at Omashram 8.

Thank you iPass Charity Group, for your timely aid.

iPass group of employees concerned for the Omashram Elders came forward to Omashram’s aid and dropped in personally with gifts for the new premises on Sunday, May 17, 2009 with many needed items for the New 3rd Unit of Omashram which is getting ready.

The items donated are as follows:
1. 2 Aquaguard Water Filters
2. 4 Sanyo Emergency Lights,

3. 6 Plastic Buckets & Mugs
4. 20 Steel Plates
5. 20 Steel Tumblers & Spoons
7. A hamper of variety of fruits for the Elders
8. And Rs. 3,500 direct credit to Omashram account for purchase of 10 mattresses for new cots.
Four out of eight members of the group could came personally. The members who came on the visit are:

Murali Chakravarthy, Sunitha Sampath, Sampath Prahalad and Bhaskar Ramaiah

The other four members of the Group are: Kalind Shah, Umashankar Kamath, Vadivel Subramaniyam and Sujith Varijakshan

Report by Mohan Pai, Founder & Trustee

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