Friday, May 15, 2009

Happenings at Omashram 7.

From Philips India Secrtaries’ Group
...with Love
Beaming resident receives the gift of an alarm clock

On May 8, 2009 members of the Pihlips India Secretaries’ Group, escorted by Ms. Aruna of NGO Fundraisers, visited Omashram Old Age Home, Bangalore and spent some warm and memorable moments with the elderly residents.
The Group gave a very useful personal gift to each of the twenty elderly residents of Omashram - A beautiful small alarm clock.
And for the new premises which is getting ready to accommodate 15 more elderly, they donated quite a few useful Items:
Donated Items

The Secretaries’ Group

1. 2 Computer Tables for Computers being installed for the Computer Training Centre for the elderly being shortly launched at the new premises.
2. 6 Plastic Chairs
3. 25 Bedsheets
4. 25 Hand Towels
5. 25 Bath Towels
6. 25 Pillow Covers.
Our grateful thanks to the Philips India Secretaries Group for the ‘concern’ & donations and to NGO Fundraisers for liaising.

Blessings from the Elders at Omashram

1.With the Elders & Staff 2.Aruna of NGFundraiser(Second from right)

1. Giving solace to the old 2.Young visitor with Ajji

1. Chat with a blind resident 2. Ajji is grateful for the kindness

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